For $11.5M You Can Live In Amagansett’s Crazy Small Wind Mill House…

You’ve got to love The Hamptons, the land of outrageously overpriced homes.

Only there could you buy a two-bedroom, one-bathroom, 1,300 square foot home on 5 acres of land for $11,500,000. And no, we didn’t accidentally drop extra zeros at the end of that number.

The house in question is the semi-recognizable Wind Mill House in Amagansett. Built in the 1800’s, the home is definitely unique. I mean, you’re living in a wind mill! But like, come on people. One look inside and your last thought is “I bet someone with tens of millions of dollars to spare lives here.”

Don’t believe me? Click through to decide for yourself!

[Photos via Douglas Elliman]

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