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Duchess Kate Shared A New Picture Of Princess Charlotte For Her 6th Birthday

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Unlike those rotten ingrates the Sussexes, SOME members of the royal family still have to “work” for a living. That means trotting out Britain’s HVC (highest value child) to have her picture taken on the occasion of her 6th birthday. Yes, Princess Charlotte is already 6! And thankfully for them, the future of the British monarchy is just as sweet and charming as can be. No temper tantrums, throwing of silver spoons across the room, or bitch slapping the servants from her! Sadly, the same can’t be said for her creepy great-uncle Andrew.

Here’s the picture of Princess Charlotte, who turned 6 yesterday, taken by her mom Duchess Kate over the weekend at their country estate in Norfolk.

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And in case you’re wondering “where on earth can I get my hands on that dress that looks like something you might have to make for a home economics final at a rural mid-western high school,” you’re out of luck. It’s already sold out. According to Page Six:

Over the weekend, Kate Middleton snapped a photo of daughter Princess Charlotte wearing a floral, puff-sleeved dress ahead of her 6th birthday.

The portrait, taken in Norfolk, shows the young royal wearing London-based designer Rachel Riley’s floral button-front dress ($85) for a sunny day outside.

Sadly, as with most styles the royals have worn, the dress is currently sold out and only available via pre-order.

A fashion icon at 6. Her brothers simply do not have the range. No wonder she was estimated to be worth about $5 billion dollars, and that was before she was out here stunting on hos and putting Elsa and all those fake-ass Disney Princesses on notice. Who else almost caused a monarchy to implode with her flower girl dress? Come Halloween, the streets are going to be teeming with princess-obsessed little kids going door-to-door wearing gingham and looking at you sideways when you put chocolate in their sacks instead of filling them up with jewels and pilfered antiquities.


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