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Dominic West Reportedly Promised His Wife That He’ll Never Work With Lily James Again

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Dominic West became a household name in all the worst ways last fall when he was seen kissing his The Pursuit of Love co-star Lily James in Rome. The problem with that is that Dominic is very much married to Catherine FitzGerald, a landscape artist, Irish aristocrat, and 800-year-old castle owner. Dominic and Catherine are still together, which means those pictures of him kissing his co-star clearly didn’t do nearly as much damage as they could have. Surely Dominic had to prove to Catherine that he was worth keeping around, and normally that might require some big expensive gesture, like a new car or a diamond ring. But Dominic’s wife inherited a castle, and nothing is going to top that. Instead, a thrifty Dominic presented his wife with a promise that he will stay away from Lily James forever.

After 51-year-old Dominic West got caught kissing 32-year-old Lily James, there was a whole mess of theories about the situation. Like that Catherine was reportedly devastated, blindsided, and humiliated to see her husband of 10 years smooching someone else, or that Lily was under the impression that Dominic had an open marriage arrangement with his wife. And through it all, Dominic and Catherine maintained that their marriage was “strong,” even if there were conflicting reports that said Catherine was maybe thinking about calling it quits. Most recently, we heard that Dominic and Catherine were “rekindling” their love in Kenya, which sounds like they were getting busy in their Airbnb.

The Mirror now claims that Dominic had to beg for forgiveness. Ok, pretty standard move after your cheating ass got caught cheating. They’ve currently agreed on a “peace deal,” which sounds like some serious negotiation took place. According to a source, one item on their peace treaty is that Dominic had to cut all ties with Lily James. Dominic has worked with Lily on two projects, and The Pursuit of Love still has yet to be released. But when it is released, there’s a chance Dominic will be absent from the premiere party. Or at least, he might spend the whole time trying to visualize what 30 feet looks like because he’s promised to stay away from Lily. via The Mirror:

Catherine has reportedly banned Dominic from ‘seeing, speaking to, working with’ the Downton Abbey star, if they want to move on.

Dominic and Lily will soon be seen our screens together as they are starring in the BBC’s adaptation of Nancy Mitford’s novel The Pursuit Of Love, but it is believed that the pair are not due to do any promotional work together for the forthcoming series.

This will fit in with his vow to his wife after Dominic reportedly agreed to “never to see, speak or work with Lily again.”

This might be an easy promise to make if Dominic and Lily’s was a one-time, quick n’ horny, “When in Rome” kind of thing. But sources previously claimed that Dominic had feelings for Lily.

The BBC, which will air The Pursuit of Love, has allegedly agreed to Dominic’s request not to be anywhere near Lily James. And apparently, it wasn’t a difficult decision to make, considering Dominic isn’t a lead role, so they’ll be relying more heavily on Lily’s co-stars Andrew Scott and Freddie Fox.

The Mirror’s source claims that there has also been talk between Catherine and Dominic that they might renew their vows. They really are serious about staying together! I just hope that Catherine asks Dominic to recite some standard vows, instead of letting him write his own. Because something tells me he might try to work a cheating loophole somewhere in there. Like, “I promise to love, honor, and cherish you, and I swear I won’t talk to or see Lily James. Like, if I sneak in the back door of the castle at 2 am, acting a little shady and looking like I’ve been kissing someone, you can know I definitely wasn’t with Lily.”


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