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Danny Masterson Says That Leah Remini Is Meddling In His Rape Case

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Four years ago, the LAPD opened an investigation into Danny Masterson over accusations of rape due to several women coming forward with allegations of sexual assault. The investigation resulted in Danny being charged with three counts of rape last June. Since then, it’s taken a long time to get to trial, with situational wrenches being thrown into things, like his civil case being ordered into religious arbitration, due to the fact that his three victims were members of the Church of Scientology and signed documents holding them to the church’s legal process. Danny wants to start his rape trial, he really does, and he could totally get away with it too if it weren’t for that meddling Leah Remini! I know, I really shouldn’t be making references to Scooby-Doo considering Danny’s alleged history with canines.

Danny’s legal team recently filed legal documents asking for more time to prepare for his trial. Again, Danny believes he can beat the charges, but he thinks he’s not going to have an easy time doing it. Yeah, that’s sort of what happens when a whole lot of women accuse you of being an alleged piece of crap. But no, that’s not what’s holding him back. According to Danny’s lawyers, Leah Remini has totally messed up Danny’s chances at a decent defense. Apparently, Leah’s part-time side gig as the Anti-Scientology Avenger has made Scientology, and by association, Danny, look really bad in the public’s eyes. This just in: It looks even worse when you shine a flashlight on it. via TMZ:

The “spat” TMZ is referring to was in 2016, when Danny accused Leah of “religious bigotry” after she announced she was working on an exposé docuseries. Danny has been very critical of anyone who has been critical of his religion. And since Leah literally had a whole television series whose basis was to be critical of Scientology, well – he hates her ass. Leah was instrumental in getting some of the charges filed against Danny, but that could be due to Scientology’s alleged history with brushing sexual assault allegations under the rug (or in some cases, allegedly punishing church members who dared to speak up). Danny’s lawyers add that when Leah got involved, the case suddenly had a very clear anti-Scientology bias, and therefore he can’t see how he’d get a fair shake. And, on top of that, if there are any members of the jury who don’t have an anti-Scientology bias, they might end up coming down with a case of being starstruck. I heard you laugh, but we’re not talking about them getting starstruck over the former star of The Ranch. Danny’s lawyers say that Leah’s star power could overshadow the trial.

He also accuses the prosecution of being “starstruck” by Remini due to her high-profile crusade against Scientology and her TV career, and claims she’s chummy with LAPD detectives, even using them as her personal security.

Danny’s team says they need more time to mount a more solid defense and combat the anti-Scientology bias working against him. Well, best of luck to them regarding that endeavor. Because a whole lot of people get a really bad feeling in their stomachs when they hear the word “Scientology.” Danny’s only hope is if someone at Scientology HQ is able to come up with some kind of positive rebranding viral video with one of Scientology’s less creepy members. Elisabeth Moss is going to let so many phone calls go to voicemail today.


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