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Chet Hanks Is Getting Dragged For Claiming That It’s About To Be A ‘White Boy Summer”

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Chet Hanks is Chet Hanks-ing again and has spewed out more verbal diarrhea that makes us ask, “Are we sure that Rita Wilson didn’t have an affair with Vanilla Ice back in the day?” Because Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson’s 30-year-old son is retaining his title as The Most Clueless by staking his claim on the summer of 2021 by naming it “White Boy Summer.

When we last left Chet to his own devices, he was once again making ears curl with his best Ned Flanders as Bob Marley impression (aka his bargain basement patois). Never before have I ever wanted to jump through a screen so badly and shake the hell out of someone while screaming, “YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG!”. Everything about his misguided commitment to becoming the White Shabba Ranks was something nobody asked for, and we all hoped he would just go away after that. Well, all of his former antics can finally be safely stored into a time capsule marked “Chet’s Cancellation Receipts” because now TMZ reports that Chet, along with his Vanilla Ice inspired brethren, wants to take a page out of Megan Thee Stallion’s Hot Girl Summer handbook and claim Summer 2021 as “White Boy Summer” which will be replete with awkward misused slang and deer-in-headlights gangsta ass selfies.

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson’s son blasted out his moniker for next season — “White Boy Summer.” To be fair, he says he’s not aligning himself with Donald Trump or NASCAR … nevertheless, he’s getting dragged big time.

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First and foremost, Chester, do NOT bring Jon B. into this mess because we invited him to the cookout years ago while you keep circling the block hoping someone will run a plate out to you. And I’m not the only person who believes that Chet is really trying to make “fetch” happen in his own special way with a stunt that will bring him the only thing he loves more than making a fool out of himself: attention.

It really doesn’t matter what others have to say because Chet is going full steam ahead with this horribly ill-advised plan. And as soon as people began talking about it he, too, had to remind us that the White Boy Summer also comes with an acting class:

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If Chet is going to keep this same energy going, he needs to rename it because to my knowledge every summer has been a white boy summer since the pilgrims arrived. Know your history B-Rad.

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