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Bob Saget Defends Candace Cameron Bure After People Say She’s Fake

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Candace Cameron Bure went on her Full House dad Bob Saget’s podcast, and the two discussed whether or not her positive attitude is faker than the grass in the Tanner family’s backyard. 45-year-old Candace says that she often gets criticized for appearing to be happy all the time. People think it’s bullshit. But Daddy Saget assured her that her positive attitude is genuine. At worst, she’s “perky.”

Candace said (via People):

“I’m going to ask you to talk about me for a second,” Cameron Bure told Saget, before asking, “For those people that think that because I am a happy, positive person, that I must be a fake person, would you say that that’s true or false?”

Bob replied that DJ Tanner was the opposite of fake. He added, “And I’m sorry – you’re perky sometimes. What’s wrong with being perky?” Candace thanked him and said:

“I only ask that because sometimes you read comments, and most of them, they roll off my back. But when people are annoyed at me that I’m such a happy person… I was like, let someone speak into this that’s known me since I was 9 years old.”

Saget added, “You’re a positive person. So if you’re perky, it’s because you’re excited, and/or you’ve had a lot of caffeine. That’s what people should know — there’s nothing fake about you.”

Now, I’ve written about this before (cuz it’s literally one of my only celeb encounters), but back when I was a barista I served Candace a cappuccino, and she was forced to wait ten whole minutes cuz I kept fucking it up. But she was extremely patient and super nice to me. And it didn’t come off as fake, it came off as kind. So Team Perky! But not Team Perky’s politics.

Candace says she’s got a thick skin and ignores most of the negative comments on social media, but she will stand up for herself when she thinks it’s important. Like she did someone suggests that starring in a Hallmark movie is a cakewalk. Or when people on social media came for her dum dum brother. Or when her fellow Christians clutched their pearls over her husband grabbing her right titty. You know, the important shit.


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