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Armie Hammer’s Estranged Wife Elizabeth Chambers Explains Why She’s Been Quiet These Past Few Months

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Armie Hammer has a whole lot going on right now, and none of it is good. Career-wise, he’s leaving and losing gigs left and right, from film to theater, and I’d say, “and everything in between,” but honestly, I’m not confident there’s really anything left. And even if there was work available, I have no idea how the word would get to him, since he currently doesn’t have a talent agent or a publicist to reach out to. Oh yeah, and he’s also being investigated by the LAPD over rape accusations made by one of his alleged victims. And generally, Armie has been laying pretty low. Well, so has his estranged wife Elizabeth Chambers, and someone recently asked her why she’s been so quiet. Prepare to be shocked, but it’s because she just doesn’t think it’s the right time to be filling up her Instagram feed with her every thought, selfie, and high-resolution pic of her lunch.

Armie and Elizabeth both filed for divorce last July after ten years of marriage. One of Elizabeth’s 266,000 Instagram followers noticed that she maybe hadn’t been posting a whole lot, and asked why that was. For example, at the beginning of February, Elizabeth posted an official statement to Instagram regarding the allegations made against Armie (who she doesn’t name, but the implication is that it was about Armie). Two months later, and she’s only posted three other times. Elizabeth opened her DMs to some questions from her followers and decided to answer the one about why she hasn’t been posting daily. I guess that follower hasn’t been following the news? Elizabeth could have written that, but no, she was much nicer about it. via People magazine:

“Focusing on healing, my babes and work. A lot I’ve wanted to share, but hasn’t felt right [at the moment].”

That’s not exactly a revelation. Elizabeth has made it known on Instagram that she just opened a bakery in Dallas, TX, which explains the work. The healing part likely comes from the constant reminder that your estranged husband is the type of guy who has to release public statements about how he definitely doesn’t brand women. And, it’s also been said that Elizabeth has a lot on her plate, parenting-wise, due to the fact that Armie allegedly isn’t really involved with her or their two children, 6-year-old Harper and 4-year-old Ford, at the moment. Also, Elizabeth is still living in the Cayman Islands with her children but revealed in another Instagram Story that they do plan on returning to Los Angeles, just not as this time.

Much like Elizabeth, Armie also hasn’t been as active on social media (his last post on Instagram happened on January 2nd). But let’s be real here, I don’t think anyone has popped into his DMs to wondering where he’s been. Even spambots are probably avoiding those DMs.

But as for what Elizabeth has wanted to share, but hasn’t, out of respect for the situation at hand, it’s anyone’s guess. Although I’m sure Armie is ok with Elizabeth remaining quiet for now. There are things he’s probably happy that she’s not sharing. Like his whereabouts, for example. Or the best number to reach him at, if let’s say, you’re a person with a badge who wants to ask him some questions.


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