An Ode To Tracee Ellis Ross, The Most Stylish Celebrity Of Quarantine

Pandemic life has subjected us to a lot of bad shit, but the worst of it, I think we can all agree, has been the endless stream of “we’re all in this together” social media posts of celebrities shared from their million-dollar mansions and/or luxury vacations. While the sentiment is nice, the cluelessness surrounding their snaps really ruins it for us. That’s why we’ve been living for the effortlessly relatable, and effortlessly stylish, snaps of the ever-iconic Tracee Ellis Ross. The funny gal actress and Black-ish star has been sharing her unfiltered-and-fabulous #OOTDs throughout quarantine, shot from home and paired with the same sense of mood-boosting we seek when we decide to put on a fancy outfit or bright lip for no reason other than a selfie or feeling of normalcy. Sure, it doesn’t hurt that she has a celebrity wardrobe, but there’s just something about her at-home looks that make us feel inspired, rather than resentful. 

From Zoom-worthy makeup and accessories to backyard red carpet gowns, click through for her best quarantine fashion moments!

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