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Amira Lollysa: Is She the REAL 90 Day Fiance Villain? Did She Set Up Andrew Kenton to Look Bad?

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Even as 90 Day Fiance fans slammed Andrew Kenton as toxic and a manipulator, he has hit back.

In addition to feuding with a fan favorite star of the franchise, he’s insisted that he’s just getting a villain edit.

While there’s no question that editing has not been kind to him, production didn’t invent his choices.

But as Andrew and his family blast Amira Lollysa, some fans wonder if she’s a villain, too.

Andrew and Amira for 90 Day Fiance Season 8

Andrew Kenton and Amira Lollysa met up in person before their season and became engaged.

That’s for the best, because they did not ever meet face to face in front of the cameras?

Why? Because one preventable disaster after the other dragged things out until they broke up.

Andrew Kenton suggests either waiting or Serbia

No, we don’t mean that the COVID-19 pandemic was necessarily preventable.

Though hundreds of thousands of American deaths from it could have been prevented under different administrative circumstances, pandemics do happen.

We mean that basically every choice that Andrew and Amira made … until it was time to break up … was the wrong one.

Andrew Kenton at Puerto Vallarta airport

First up, they decided to try to power through and try to make it work during the pandemic.

There was a lot of pressure from Andrew and there was probably plenty from production, too.

But in the end, it had to be their choice to try their catastrophic meet-up in Mexico … the one that never happened.

Amira Lollysa - it's not okay; nobody deserves that

Instead, Amira was detained in Mexico City and had a traumatic experience in lockup.

It remains unclear why this happened, but on the form, it apparently claimed that she did not have her passport.

As Amira remarked upon her return to France, that document was included in the same parcel as her passport. Strange.

Andrew Kenton gets a massage in PV

And what did Andrew do while Amira was locked up?

Well … he didn’t fly to try to get her out in person in Mexico City.

He did film himself making mulitple calls from his spacious Puerto Vallarta rental in a futile attempt to get her released.

Amira Lollysa - I've been through so much

No one thinks that Andrew had the magical power to spring Amira, especially during a pandemic.

But viewers were alarmed seeing him practice “self care” by enjoying a solo vacation while Amira returned to Europe in tears.

Yes, editing may have emphasized Andrew’s recreational shenanigans, but he is the one who chose to do them.

Amira Lollysa - he's thinking about going to Serbia

What was truly perplexing was that, somehow, Andrew was able to talk Amira into trying it again.

This time, the plan was, she would go to Serbia — without meeting up with Andrew.

Only from there would she travel to the United States and see Andrew.

Amira Lollysa dad - you do the mistake again

Her father said it best, of course.

So not only was the pandemic still raging across the world, but Amira found herself in Serbia at the worst time.

Under an increasingly autocratic leader who used the pandemic to crack down on protests, she was in Serbia during a period of heightened unrest.

Belgrade, Serbia (Amira Lollysa arrives safely)

Amira was frightened — of the virus, of the unrest, of the uncertainty that this plan would even work.

Still, she sheltered in place in a hotel room, venturing out only for food. She did this for two weeks.

Somehow, as we saw on screen, this was not enough for Andrew.

Amira Lollysa - he pressured me about committing (to have kids)

Amira had previously described Andrew’s application of unrelenting pressure on her.

First to travel to Mexico for their disastrous plan. Then to Serbia.

And now, she shared, he wanted her to commit to having children right away, and apparently wouldn’t take “no” for an answer.

Amira Lollysa - have a kid and fight with you (don't want to)

Amira’s reasons for wanting to hold off were sound.

She didn’t want to bring children into a home until she knew that it was a non-toxic household.

But the truth is that she didn’t need a good reason, or any reason, to not want to agree to rushing into childbirth.

Amira Lollysa texts from Andrew Kenton - 2 tickets, 2 choices

What followed, 90 Day Fiance viewers saw play out on screen, was a vicious barrage of manipulative, toxic messages.

In a series of harsh messages, playing out on screen and on Amira’s phone, Andrew scolded Amira for her reluctance.

He offered her a choice: come to be with him in California, or return home to France.

Amira Lollysa texts from Andrew Kenton - my time is limited, countdown

That kind of behavior should be an automatic dealbreaker, period.

Amira almost went through with it anyway … before having a panic attack at the airport.

That panic attack may have spared her from months or years of stress and misery.

Amira Lollysa cries in the airport - so I don't get on the plane

So yes, it was over … but Andrew has insisted for weeks that he’s not the villain.

He’s not just saying that editing made him look like a gaslighting rodeo clown, either.

Andrew has repeatedly insisted that Amira is not the victim that she appears to be on screen.

Andrew Kenton mom and sister are solidly on his side, angry with Amira

Andrew’s claims may not have reached the hearts and minds of many fans, but his mother and sister bought it hook, like, and sinker.

After he told them his version of events on screen, his mother theorized that maybe Amira was just stringing him along and hadn’t even had a panic attack.

On social media, she took things even further after the finale aired.

Andrew Kenton's mom asks if Serbia is a good idea

Mama Kenton took to Instagram to allege that Amira had lied about the source of their fight.

According to her, Amira had demanded money from Andrew.

Though the full context of this alleged demand is unknown … who is trying to treat a daycare worker as a cash cow?

Amira Lollysa holds her engagement ring with regret

Andrew has not been having a good time on Instagram, despite sharing a number of very flattering selfies.

(Yes, a man can be hot and potentially not the best relationship partner — it happens)

Already disliked by many fans, he entered a feud with beloved fan-favorite David Toborowsky.

Andrew Kenton laments how Amira feels distant

It is not going Andrew’s way. Don’t mess around with fan-favorites unless you can prove that they’re dead wrong.

Which brings us to a related subject: evidence.

Because Andrew has had no problem posting texts in the past, yet has not posted real receipts for some of his allegations.

Amira Lollysa Turns 29

That said, there are genuinely interesting … to say the least … things about Amira.

What did she and Andrew ever have in common?

From what little we saw of her description early this season, her interests seemed to be makeup and getting the heck out of Saumur.

Amira Lollysa - it's very boring for a single woman in Saumur

The makeup and her general good looks give fans an idea about why she might have done the show.

Did she just want to launch a career as an influencer and beauty vlogger by appearing on one of the biggest reality shows on the planet?

Andrew has certainly encouraged this mode of thinking.

Andrew Kenton congratulates Amira Lollysa on "her decision"

Amira reportedly once dated a prisoner in an apparent bid to appear on Love After Lockup.

She would not be the first 90 Day Fiance star to appear on television (or want to appear) before joining the franchise.

Angela Deem had multiple TV appearances before her engagement to Michael. Yara Zaya also appeared on reality TV in Ukraine.

Amira Lollysa - I'm gonna think about it baby

Additionally, there is the question of Amira’s goal.

While most of the time, fan “theories” about “most” non-Americans on the show being “scammers” are nothing but xenophobic bigotry, it’s sometimes true.

Was Amira just looking to leave Saumur and hitching her train to Andrew to make it happen?

Andrew Kenton and Amira Lollysa chat again

Reportedly, Amira is dating a man named, and we are not making this up though someone else could be, Camel Ventura.

In fact, it has even been speculated that Camel may appear with her at the Tell All.

The thing about Camel — if any of this is true — is that he’s also an American living in California, just like Andrew.

Amira Lollysa facetimes Andrew Kenton about Mexico plans

Now, wanting to marry someone from a specific place isn’t a crime.

Even the most xenophobic fans know that — dating locally is just as much of a preference as not doing so.

But was Amira just using Andrew for fame and a shot at an American life, and twisting the narrative to give herself an excuse to breakup without seeming like a villain?

Amira on 90 Day Fiance: nobody deserves to go through that

It’s possible … so many things are technically possible.

But at the end of the day, Andrew’s statements and texts and behavior cannot simply be explained away.

Even if Amira were all that he says and more, the way that he spoke to her would be unacceptable.

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