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Alyssa Milano Responded To Being Called “Washed Up”

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Despite what you might assume from her last name, Alyssa Milano did not get famous by inventing a delicious chocolate-filled crispy sandwich cookie and selling the recipe to the good people at Pepperidge Farm. She became a household name when she played Samantha Micelli in Who’s The Boss?. She also appeared in three seasons of Melrose Place and starred on Charmed. Recently, someone on social media decided to imply that all of Alyssa’s career highs are in the metaphorical rear-view mirror of her life, by boldly characterizing her as “washed-up.” That person quickly learned that what Alyssa is, is a person who has the time to respond to a nasty comment. Because that’s what she did.

People says this all started on TikTok, which Alyssa has been on for a while. According to a recent TikTok she made, she gets plenty of hate and negativity in her comments. One such example was a person who told her: “Sad how a washed-up actress is still trying to be important.” I guess this commenter doesn’t realize that starring in the made-for-TV masterpiece Confessions of a Sorority Girl fully cements a person in the pantheon of acting excellence for the remainder of their career. But still, they believe Alyssa’s participation on TikTok is her way of desperately clinging to fame. Alyssa accused her hater of likely being someone from the right-leaning side of politics (since she’s very vocally left-leaning) and stressed that they can “fuck off,” because she knows she’s not a washed-up actress.

“See these? I get a lot of those. Usually, it comes from people who identify as a different political party than I do. You see, I identify with the party who believes in equality and equity and opportunity for everyone, and also the party who fights for the most vulnerable and the marginalized communities. But beyond just that, just because you say something to be hurtful, it doesn’t make it true. I have consistently worked since I was 7 years old, and you can just fuck off now and move along.”


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Alyssa didn’t include any proof that she’s 100% not washed up, like by reminding that TikTok commenters that she’s got a Who’s The Boss? sequel in the works. So there you have it, random person who called Alyssa a washed-up actress on TikTok. And if any more haters decide they want to bully Alyssa on social media, just stop. Alyssa already has a full-time social media bully, and her name is Rose McGowan.


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