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A Twitch Streamer Was Suspended For “Queefing On Command”

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BREAKING (WIND) NEWS! Dexerto has brought us an extremely important news report about a Twitch streamer named ItsPinkie who was suspended from the platform for a few days because of some innocent “front butt flatulence.” AKA: a queef. How dare you! This strong, powerful, talented woman is a trailblazer! Call the Human Rights Campaign! Call your lawyers! Call somebody! This injustice cannot stand!

ItsPinkie is a partnered streamer on Twitch and was on a stream with a peak of around 1,000 viewers when she decided to show off what I consider a talent and a skill. She sent out a gentle whisper from her hot pocket and queefed it up on camera. Here’s ItsPinkie “queefing on demand.”

But now she’s been suspended for 3 days. ItsPinkie took it well though, suggesting we should “normalize front butt flatulence.” Though she did call out the double-standard of suspending her for queefs but not suspending another user, xQc, who farts into mics. …Why is everyone on Twitch so gassy?

ItsPinkie has already branded her Instagram with her new title: “The girl who queefed.” Move over, Lisbeth Salander! But Twitch needs to do better. It’s 2021. We need equal rights for flatulence! And Wendy Williams is probably hoping that her network doesn’t start following the same rigorous standards as Twitch, because well, it’s only a matter of time before her coochie gets jealous of her butt letting out gas all the time and follows suit.

Pic: Instagram

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