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A British TV Presenter Got Her Dead Horse Taxidermied

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Luisa Zissman is a British TV presenter and entrepreneur known for her appearances on The Apprentice (UK) and Celebrity Big Brother. She’s also a horse girl and was absolutely heartbroken when she had to put down her white stallion Madrono in December 2019. The poor guy was suffering from cancer. Google says most dead horses are buried, but Luisa couldn’t bear to say goodbye to her best buddy. So she decided to get him stuffed. And after eighteen months of painstaking (extremely expensive) work by taxidermist Simon “The Stuffa” Wilson, deceased Madrona has reunited with his human. 

On her podcast, Luisa joked that she’d be “a little upset if his balls aren’t there!” Luckily for Luisa, Madrona’s balls were still intact. I should hope so! If you’re paying around £15,000 (like $21,000) for the stuffing. Luisa posted a video and picture of her reunion with Madrona, and her captions detail how shattered she was when he died:

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A post shared by Luisa Collins (Zissman) (@luisazissman)

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Luisa Collins (Zissman) (@luisazissman)

She also went on the British morning show This Morning to discuss the taxidermy. Luisa says Madrona was the perfect horse; he had “amazing mane” and was “like a puppy dog in his stable”. When asked why she’d want to have him stuffed, she started crying and explained. via the Mirror:

“I’m so sorry,” she said. “This is so embarrassing. I suppose that people deal with grief in different ways… I just couldn’t bear not to see him ever again. It makes me really happy because he’s a work of art.”

“I just wanted him to live forever,” she added. “It’s quite comforting.”

Here’s the interview:

One of the This Morning hosts, Eamonn Holmes, thinks that new Madrono is “a beautiful piece of work”, and adds that he’d love to get his dog Maggie stuffed when she eventually passes away. His co-host/wife, Ruth Langsford, replied that she’d have none of that. Team Ruth! Where in your home would you even place your dead pet? In the foyer? Living room? Bedroom? All choices are equally creepy. Actually, no, the bathroom would be the worst.  It’s disturbing enough when my alive-cat watches me do my business. If he was dead? A whole new level of fucked.

Pic: YouTube

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