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90 Day Fiance: The Hottest Male Cast Members in Show History!

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TLC’s 90 Day Fiance and its approximately 203 spinoffs are a must-watch success story for many of its elements.

There’s drama. There are internal and external struggles. Production meddles. Life throws many curveballs.

Also, some of the couples on 90 Day Fiance are super hot.

Often, it’s just the women who are hot … and sometimes both halves of the couple are smoldering, of course.

Sometimes, though, it’s the guy in the picture who’s carrying his share of the weight in that department.

Here’s The Hollywood Gossip’s humble list of the hottest dudes to ever grace the 90 Day Fiance franchise.

We’ve also included some honorable mentions at the end.

1. Jesse Meester

Jesse meester models
Is Jesse a good person? Is he well-liked by fans or by his ex? The answer to all of that is “no.” But is he a wildly handsome guy? Yes, yes he is.

2. Jay Smith

Jay smith posts yet another thirst trap
Continuing with the “hot on the outside, very different on the inside” pattern is Jay Smith. This notorious, habitual cheater outrageously good-looking, which likely explains why he still has fans after all of the stunts that he has pulled.

3. Yazan Abo Horira

Yazan abo horira selfie
Yazan is a seriously handsome dude. Admittedly, he’s not “I’ll-ignore-and-forget-how-you-treated-Brittany-especially-on-that-first-night-in-the-car” hot, because no one is, but he’s very good-looking.

4. Jonathan Rivera

Jonathan and fernanda
Jon is a hunky dude. Fans have observed that Fernanda has a “type” when she’s dating — she likes guys with big, muscular arms and some nice knockers to go with them. Though their marriage ended very bitterly, Jon’s arms and tiddies are up to code.

5. Syngin Colchester

Syngin colchester hangs out outside
Have you ever been watching 90 Day Fiance and a friend or housemate walks by, stops in their tracks, and goes “who is THAT guy?!” I have. More than once, actually. One of those times, it was Syngin on screen. He’s a hot dude, he has nice hair — all too rare, it seems — and a charmingly hedonistic personality.

6. Pedro Jimeno

Pedro jimeno
Pedro is a hottie. He and Chantel are one of the hottest couples, together, in the franchise, and Pedro himself is a knockout.

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