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90 Day Fiance Tell All Part 1 Recap: Julia Trubkina Fooled Everyone! Andrew Kenton Storms Off!

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90 Day Fiance Season 8 turned out multiple memorable moments and incredible storylines in a tough situation.

But that doesn’t mean that everything was resolved during the K-1 visa period.

The stars sat down to film well over a dozen hours for the Tell All special, all condensed into a few hours.

At the Tell All Part 1, Mike and Natalie had to address Mike’s infamous cold feet and how things are now.

Things don’t sound good, and fans think that things are much worse than they claimed.

Brandon and Julia also spoke, where Julia seemed to take the blame for a couple of things in her season.

Was she telling the truth, or just trying to take some heat off of her in-laws?

Yara’s reaction to Jovi’s bachelor party video was to cry. She did not expect it.

And everyone talks about cosmetic surgery … revealing a darker side to Julia.

Stephanie Davison of course is not there because she may be suing TLC.

While some couples are taking a back seat until Part 2, Part 1 already had plenty of tension.

1. The Tell All Part 1!

90 day fiance season 8 tell all the room
After this wild but unusual season, the Tell All — reportedly filmed in February — was able to meet in person, but with plenty of COVID-19 precautions including face masks, distanced seating, and more.

2. They arrived invidiually

Yara zaya and julia trubkina lock eyes at the tell all
Julia and Yara had actually touched base already on social media. They were both standout stars from this season, so it only makes sense that they would get along.

3. Enter Shaun Robinson

Shaun robinson enters season 8 tell all behind a face shield
The incomparable host walked in wearing a face shield. Notably, face masks are to prevent infecting others, and they’re what everyone around her was wearing. Face shields are more to protect the person wearing them, and Shaun clearly had to navigate through a lot of people — plus get her makeup done.

4. Yara and Jovi opened up on being new parents

Yara zaya when i see how much hes caring about her
Yara swelled up with love talking about how heartwarming it is to see Jovi doting on and loving their daughter. Also, they confirmed that Jovi is totally playing his role as a parent, including diaper-changing.

5. Everyone was touched by that

Julia trubkina i ask brandon maybe we have baby right now
Julia joked that Yara had given her baby fever. She was, however, only joking.

6. Speaking of Julia and Brandon

Julia trubkina now she like have more rules
Shaun asked if things were easier now that they’re married, and Julia related that somehow Betty has used their marriage to impose even more rules and expectations of Julia.

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